We are looking for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) creative writers to work as ghost writers and writing consultants write for the first BIPOC American history book.

This is a tremendous opportunity to change the way BIPOC American history is taught.

Read the latest press release for more information about the project.


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 “My passion comes from seeing the joy of knowing one’s ancestral legacy, it drives me. It is time for members of the BIPOC community to stop waiting for someone else to accurately tell our story and do it ourselves,”  says Baxter. Ms. Baxter's own family legacy story- the struggles her ancestors overcame for her to even exist - ignites her passion to help others find their legacy. She hopes that the book release will cause an increased public interest in learning more about BIPOC contributions to American history as well as tell the stories of previously unknown American pioneers and ultimately correct the narrative of America to include BIPOC Americans as contributors to the building of America and not as tools or property,

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