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Dan Hubert

VP of Technology Sales

Executive Board

Dan is the VP of Sales for Phoenix Lidar System. As a forerunner in the drone mapping industry, he owns several companies building drones or assisting firms with establishing their autonomous mapping programs.

Serving as the National Director for the ASPRS UAS division, he sat on the National Lidar Standards Board and developed courseware for professionals to learn about lidar.

Dan was the Program Manager for the USAF MQ-9 Drone and Sensor Development, training hundreds of airmen to operate its tactical drone systems. However, Dan's love for drones and remote sensing started while a Naval Aviator, where he commanded 12 special force drone units in the Middle East. Lieutenant Commander Hubert combined his 20 years of imagery analysis, intelligence collection, and tactical aviation experience to define modern-day UAS operations and commercial use cases. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State and an MS in Business Administration from the University of San Diego.

Dan Hubert
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