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The DRONe Project (Descendants Recovering our Names) seeks to create a new generation of BIPOC female innovators in the field of digital historic preservation and drone technology with the skills to becme high-income earners via a paid workforce development program.


We've expanded our mapping trips internationally to illuminate the profound impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade on life in California and beyond.

Many remain unaware of BIPOC history beyond the narratives of enslavement and trauma. Through our global studies of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, we aim to illuminate the humanity of the enslaved, shifting the focus from mere property to individuals. The labor of enslaved Africans reverberated across every continent, linking us all in shared history.

The data we gather will contribute to exhibits for our upcoming virtual BIPOC history museum, We The People Museum. Participants engage in both national and international travel, gaining invaluable experience as part of our workforce development initiative.

Women Making History

Cohort 2 -

Travel internationally working as a Digital Historic Preservationist, and become a licensed drone pilot with international travel experience. Now accepting interest forms for 2023 - 2024 cohort. Please see flyer for eligibility details.

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The DRONe Project

The DRONe Project, Descendants Recovering Our Names, launched in 2022 as a workforce development initiative tailored for BIPOC high school girls. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by girls, particularly those from underrepresented communities, we sought to provide real-world experience within a supportive environment conducive to building confidence and leadership skills.

To date, we have mapped two historically significant sites in San Diego, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and Portugal, studying significant historically significant sites.

The profound impact of our program has spurred the initiation of training for 18- to 24-year-olds to staff our expanding initiatives.

As our program flourishes, it becomes imperative to uphold our commitment to providing these invaluable opportunities at no cost to our participants. We remain steadfast in empowering BIPOC girls through innovative STEAM programming, fostering pathways to success, and reshaping historical narratives for generations to come.


We need your help to reach our fundraising goals to provide superior quality training and access to next-level technology. No donation is too small!

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