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Natache Muschette

Interim Board Chair

Executive Board

Natache Muschette is the CEO of the Prep Institute, LLC. For over 35 years, she's been helping small, resource-constrained nonprofits learn how to solve social problems using strategic business practices. Her previous positions and consultancy work include Executive Director at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. and Executive Director Consultant for the Multicultural Health Foundation and the AJA Project, during which time over $4 million was raised to fund societal solutions. As part of the Prep Institute's 5-year contract with the County of San Diego and RISE San Diego, it has taught over 50 small, urban nonprofits how to build the infrastructure to elevate their leadership in solving social problems with disruptive, straightforward, and preventive solutions. Natache holds an M.A. in Nonprofit Management from Eastern University and a B.S. from Columbia Union College in Business Management.

Natache Muschette
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